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Egypt accuses Hezbollah of attempting to carry out “aggressive operations” on Egyptian territory

April 9, 2009

Egypt arrested 50 Egyptians, Palestinians, and Lebanese accused of plotting aggressive operations in Egypt on behalf of Lebanese Hezbollah.  You can find al-Jazeera’s coverage here, al-Akhbar’s here, and Naharnet’s (in English) here.  Relations between Egypt and the Party of God have been tense ever since the July 2006 War.  During the recent Gaza War Hassan Nasrallah publicly called for Egyptians to mobilize against the government so as to force it to open the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.  Egypt regarded this as an attempt to interfere in its domestic affairs.  Reportedly these Hezbollah cadres rented property along the Suez to observe boat traffic and also carried out reconnaissance in the Sinai.

While I will refrain from further comment until more details become clear, its worth bearing in mind that Israeli tourists frequent Sinai resorts.  Moreover, the Party of God has yet to settle its score with Israel over the Mughneiyeh assassination.  There also seems to be some connection to Hamas, though Hamas has denied any involvement in the incident.  This would most likely entail smuggling weapons or money into Gaza.  However, all this remains speculation for now.

I will comment more on this issue when additional information becomes available.

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Nasrallah responds to the Egyptian accusations
04.11.09 at 18:00

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