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The phrase “Ex Oriente Lux” is Latin for “from the East Light”.  It refers to the notion that civilization itself, like light, originates in the east.  Moreover, it is the first half of the phrase, “Ex Oriente Lux, Ex Occidente Lex” which means, “from the East light, from the West law”.  Similarly, the subject matter, or “light”, of this blog emanates from the East, yet the analysis, or “lex”, comes from a decidedly Western point of view.

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Sasa 04.14.09 at 12:23

This is possibly the most intelligent reason for a blog name that I’ve come across!

XXX 04.14.09 at 13:20

Very interestnig blog, thoughtful analysis

Jonathan 04.15.09 at 13:58

Agree with the above… but who are you as a the writer?

Qifa Nabki 04.27.09 at 16:08

Good work! Keep it up.

sean 04.29.09 at 19:39

Interesting blog, I’m glad I came across it.

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